Cabelcon DC Series RF connectors
                            - designed for corrugated cables


Instruction for 1/2"
Instruction for 7/8"
Instruction for 1-1/4"
Instruction for 1-5/8"


DC Series
Data Sheets

50051250  7/16m    1/2"
50087850  7/16m    7/8"
52051250  7/16f     1/2"
52087850  7/16f     7/8"
76091450  7/16f  1-1/4"
76087850  Nm/50   7/8"
76091450  Nm/501-1/4"
78051250  Nf/50     1/2"
78091450  Nf/50  1-1/4"






Cabelcon introduces its newest line of premium RF connectors designed with today’s installers in mind – the Cabelcon® DC Series – the only RF-connectors with a double click assurance in the wireless market.

Examples of DC Series designs

Double Click Assurance

Listen for the double click and be assured that a dependable connection is complete with every installation. The DC Series’ unique design replaces machined brass with molded POM ferrule. This self-lubricating POM ferrule lends itself to greater flexibility and easier installation; and with a double grip on the outer conductor, it provides enhanced stability and the finest (PIM) performance in the industry.

Easy Installation

Installing a DC Series connector is simple and fast. Installers no longer have to deal with loose or lost parts, and complicated mounting instructions are a thing of the past. With a SuperSealing interface, connections are secure and water tight without the need for additional sealing.

DC Series Advantages:

  • Flexible and lighter molded high tech polymer ferrule provides double grip on corrugated cables, improving (PIM) performance

  • Experience easier and faster installations with a self-lubricating polymer ferrule

  • Fewer loose parts and simplified mounting instructions reduce installation costs and secure consistent results every time

  • Proprietary TPX interface insulator eliminates need for o-ring

  • High tech polymer compression ring in the back nut enables 360° sealing to the jacket

  • Additional security sealing between the compression ring and ferrule provides a double defense against moisture migration into the inner conductor

  • Nitin6TM Plating for optimal resistance against corrosion

 High Tech Polymer replaces brass


Intensive research on various polymer types followed by extensive performance tests lead to a brand new concept. Our R&D engineers  replaced the machined brass with moulded High Tech Polymer* for the ferrule - offering more patented advantages.

The security sealing ring for  can bee seen inside.


 The DC Series design

Five point SuperSealing - no additional sealing needed!

New unique TPX insulator design

A new
unique design of the TPX interface insulator makes a simpler, yet very secure and watertight “SuperSealing” interface without the need for an O-ring. The
DC Series interface is watertight even with an open interface.

High Tech Polymer Compression Sealing

Our engineers has developed a new design of the back sealing against the cable jacket based on the compression principle - wellknown from Cabelcon's lines of compression connectors. A High Tech Polymer compression ring is integrated in the back nut - making a safe 360˚ sealing to the jacket.

Additional Security Sealing - a double safety precaution

In case the installer should overlook heavy damages to the jacket such as deep scratches or cracks allowing moisture to penetrate anyway - we have also integrated an outer conductor "security sealing" between the compression ring and the High Tech Polymer ferrule. This high quality EPDM O-ring will keep moisture away from the inner conductor; a double safety precaution. Finally we have an EPDM O-ring outside to seal between the front part and the back nut of the connector (see photos).

Nitin-6™ plating for optimal resistance against corrosion

Cabelcon are using Nitin-6™ for our standard plating because we could not find any better! Nitin-6™ outperforms other plating alloys. Read more about our Nitin-6™ here


 * High  Tech Polymer have been used in millions of Cabelcon CX3 connectors since 2000.

Examples of
Cabelcon DC designs  

Five point SuperSealing

Patented TPX sealing points ensures water tightness even with an open interface

High Tech Polymer ferrule has replaced the former brass versions. The visible O-ring inside is a security sealing to prevent moisture intrusion to the inner connector in case of cable damages

A look inside with the 360˚ double grip on the corrugated outer conductor. Also the security sealing ring can be seen   

A 90˚ angle 7/16 male connector for
1/2" cables

Cabelcon connectors are designed for easy and safe installation in just seconds. Our installation instructions are  very simple to read and understand. It makes the installation uncomplicated while the risk of installation errors are almost eliminated using Cabelcon's  recommended installation tools.

Examples of DC series designs for 7/8 and ˝ inch corrugated cables
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